One thought on “NM True Commercial: Cowboy Evening

  • My family loved the cowboy evening! The food was delicious, the atmosphere nostalgic and the show was wonderful! The morning before the dinner we had ridden the trails with the Singer and the Biscuit Maker! It was fiun to see them at the show. Michael and Jeff are a talented act and we appreciated especially the songs that honored God. We googled to see who Mentor Williams was and enjoyed reading about him. I sure stepped out of my comfort zone to enter the stick horse race but my granddaughters were urging me to. I wasn’t the best candidate but my granddaughters yelled loud enough for me to win. And those cinnamon rolls made a great breakfast. We will use the horse ride certificate next time we are up in those beautiful mountains. Praying for rain for you. The LaBahn family- Lamar Beverly Jesse Keenon

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